Must Have Anti-Spam and Security WordPress Plugins

Must Have Anti-Spam and Security WordPress Plugins

March 30, 2015 WordPress, is a hugely popular open source community platform which is also referred as a CMS. It's user friendly CMS that makes it very flexible and allows users to make the necessary changes as and when required. However, what makes WordPress interesting and useful is its plugins, which let users perform a variety of tasks. This blog will introduce you to some of the best anti-spam and security WordPress plugins available:
  • Akismet: The comments are a pretty useful feature that allows your visitors to put their opinions across on different topics. This, in turn, helps in building a sense of community of users. However, some of the visitors use WP platforms to send spam, which can greatly affect the popularity of a website. By installing Akismet, website owners can separate the real user reviews from the fake ones. This plugin filters comments and simultaneously provides protection to your website. You will have to shell out a few dollars to activate it.
  • SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam: This WP plugin keeps spams from automated bots at bay. You can secure your website from spam attack by simply adding a CAPTCHA in comments, registration as well as login forms
  • WP reCaptcha: It is an extremely popular free CAPTCHA system that integrates a variety of reCAPTCHA anti-spam methods in WP to protect your website from spammers and digitize the world’s books.
  • Login LockDown: This plugin achieves the antispam objective by simply limiting the number of login attempts. Therefore, users will not be allowed to comment beyond certain limit for the prescribed time period.
  • Better WP Security: This is perhaps the easiest and quickest way to provide the desired security to your website.
  • Revision Control: Also referred as source control and version control, this plugin makes the task of controlling Post Revision System a lot simpler.

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