You visit a visually legitimate website and suddenly a box appears informing you that your computer is infected with multiple Trojans and Worms. You quickly close it and start to run your anti-virus or spy-ware software, which will find nothing wrong. The malware wants you to believe that your computer is infected and you need to purchase the software to remove it. Once you have entered your credit card numbers and installed the software, the box goes away. Believe it or not, it’s still there!

Typically, Windows computers have substantially more problems with Website Malware Issues since it is the most popular operating system and targeted the most. Regardless of what system you use, there are some malware vulnerabilities that can happen through your browser.

It is important to understand that while this malicious software can come in many shapes and sizes, it all must act against the system by making certain registry and start up setting changes, which allow it free reign to carry out the rest of its programming without interference from your operating system. These changes typically follow very predictable patterns, and it is these patterns that an anti-malware scan is designed to detect.

Some Website Malware Issues take things a step farther by monitoring network traffic. Some malware requires that certain traffic ports on a system be open, so that it can listen for commands that are being issued to it from the internet — usually originating from the same source that the unwanted software came from in the first place. A thorough malware scan will be able to detect inbound and outbound traffic on these open ports, and is therefore able to recognize the presence of a serious security threat without the user having to take any further steps.

The best Website Malware Issue rectifier is not limited by the user’s knowledge of computer and network security, and will be mostly autonomous in its search for weaknesses in the integrity of any given system’s state of security. Anytime new patterns are recognized by the parent company, an update can automatically be sent to the client software already installed on the computer, further empowering it to protect against new threats. If the protective software installed on any computer is not regularly updated, the system it is installed on will be completely open to attacks by more advanced viruses.

Malicious software is always evolving as new vulnerabilities are uncovered in software packages that millions of people use on a daily basis. As this happens, the software that protects personal computers from attacks must also evolve.

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