WordPress 4.0 launched

WordPress 4.0 launched

September 11, 2014 The Internet is an astonishing post. Where else can you find so many neat products for free? Here, we are talking about WordPress. The seed for the world's leading content management system first took root in January 2003. WordPress 4.0 is a major release with some really cool features and improvements. It can be tested on PC, Mac etc. In WordPress 4.0, installing WordPress in other languages will be a batch more comfortable. Users can select the language for their site as the first footstep of the install process, and the remainder of their installation will go on in the user’s preferred language. WordPress 4.0 will also allow users to swap/change the site language from the WordPress admin area by going to Settings » General and choosing a language from Site Language drop down menu. Users will also be able to search for plugins and themes available in their chosen language. Hopefully this will encourage more users to contribute translations for their favorite themes and plugins. Here is how to find translation ready themes and plugins for WordPress. Key WordPress 4.0 Features A mountain of work goes into each WordPress release and version 4.0 is no different. In this article we’ll review the main improvements that version 4.0 brings. The key features that we're going to walk through are:
  1. Choosing Your Own Language On Installation: One of the central benefits of WordPress is that it is an Open Source program, available for anyone worldwide to utilize. When installing WordPress on a new website, you get an option to choose the language accordingly.
  2. New Grid View for the Media Library: The new Media Library layout now puts up a grid layout view. The new grid view also leaves you to select multiple files simultaneously, by breaking a box in the top right hand box.
  3. Improvements to the Content Editor: WordPress 4.0 allows you to make more skillful utilization of your screen while in editor mode. The editor now resizes, and its top and bottom bars pin when needed.
  4. More Support for oEmbed: The new WordPress 4.0 release offers the ability for you to preview any embedded embed URL directly within your visual editor.
  5. Improvements to TinyMCE Views: In WordPress 4.0 there improvements to how the keyboard and cursor interacts with TinyMCE views like gallery preview.
  6. New Plugin Installation Experience: WordPress 4.0 offers a fresh, new visual experience within the Plugins Install section. The revamped Plugin Install page allows you to browse in a grid view.
  7. New Widget Customizer Panel: In WordPress 4.0 widgets are in their very own panel within the Customizer section. Group setting can be done into panels regarding API.
  8. New Accessibility Features: Accessibility with this waiver, including keyboard accessibility in the 'Add Media' panel, screen reader support for the 'Customizer' and widgets, and links in the help tabs are now keyboard accessible
  9. Updated External Libraries: WordPress 4.0 now updates the external libraries like Tiny MCE  4.1.3 , jQuery 1.11.1 etc.

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