Why Prefer Concrete5 Content Management System to Build a Web Portal?

Why Prefer Concrete5 Content Management System to Build a Web Portal?

March 14, 2013 Overall, Content Management Systems or CMS in the market at the moment will make available the essential tools for your website. Add ones, built in applications, in progress updates, content security, in the midst of the few factors we've chosen Concrete5 as our favorite website content management system. We have been admiring Concrete5 content management system since 2009 and until today, it has grown with us.

For what benefits do we suggest Concrete5?

Well, it is, for most, the merely absolute content management system in building a website or a portal. One can effortlessly influence design framework at easiness. At the same time, one can edit contents on a live website straight from the web browser. An easy click and drag of a mouse, you can effortlessly place your contents (it is referred as blocks in Concrete5) wherever you wish, based on the website designed framework. Save your work accordingly or just be it in draft versions, get endorsement, previous to the website can finally be live on the internet.

Rapid reply to changes

As designers our selves, meeting deadlines and time schedule is our main concern. We recognize that changes must be made as quickly as probable. And what a enhance, when Concrete5 content management system permits two separate main accounts for designers and owners from the similar website which the designers can easily influence the design without having to access any personal files belonging to the owner. Site owners also have the aptitude to become aware of, who's who and doing what, on the website more precisely with the built in dashboard permissions feature.

Co-existing with preferred environment

Three ordinary clients requests we designer's face nowadays, varies to their respective needs and requirements: a. Website developed and contents managed by designers - usually performed and requested by large scaled companies or organization. b. Website developed by designer and partially managed contents with website owner - this more often than not happens to website owners who sell products on line and precedence given to product updates and frequent catalogue changes. c. Website developed by designer and completely maintained by website owner - A sure win with the small-medium business owner. Concrete5 content management system works best on all three scenarios stated above either websites to provide for portals on a large scale organization or a tiny site for a small-medium business. Concrete5's abilities range far beyond that extent for certain.

Some Concerning Facts as well

On the other hand creating custom fields is not as easy with Concrete5 as it is with other CMSs as you have to code both the control panel views as well as front-end template output. And while it’s necessary to be able to edit the site from the front end, the other thing I don’t like about Concrete5 is that it forces some mark-up on you by adding scripts necessary for site editors. It’s not a great deal when not logged in, but if you like to have 100% control of your mark-up output, then Concrete5 may not be for you.

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