Why Hire an OpenCart Developer?

Why Hire an OpenCart Developer?

February 3, 2015 OpenCart – the platform of choice for top Online Stores and E-Commerce Portals

Why OpenCart?

  • Open Source Platform that is free
  • Great Community Support
  • SEO Friendly
  • Extensive Documentation Support and Easy to Use
  • Powerful Features to enable your website to grab eyeballs

Why Hire an OpenCart Developer for your website?

  • Expertise and Experience

    An expert Opencart Developer can help you exploit the features of this powerful platform and make use of its features to the fullest possible extent. Some of the features that an Opencart Developer can work his magic on are:
  1. Integrated payment gateways and shipping methods
  2. Multi lingual and currency support
  3. Error logging and Debugging
  4. Setting up of numerous tax zones
  • To ensure that your website is scalable and responsive

With the help of an expert you can get your requirements translated on to reality. Not only that, Developer will ensure that your website is responsive – it can be used from any device and it’ll still provide an excellent user experience.

  1. User Experience Aspects An expert will be mindful of aspects that distract the user and the things that are required to make your website look attractive to the user. With their expertise in UI/UX design, your website can go places in terms of usability.
  2. Ensuring SEO Friendly Content OpenCart comes with powerful SEO friendly features and an experienced OpenCart Developer will put these features to good use to ensure that your website enjoys top rankings on SERPs.

Things to look for while hiring an OpenCart Developer

  1. Experience
  2. Expertise
  3. Industry Exposure
  4. Samples of work done
  5. Client Feedback

The Hiring Process

  1. Get an Expert Look for the best resources to employ and hire the best developers to work on your website. Go through their work and portfolios with a fine toothed comb and narrow down on the best ones in the business to develop your website.
  2. Discuss expectations and requirements in detail Lay down your expectations and requirements completely and discuss the functionality, the complete picture and all details pertaining to how you envision your product and let them come up with a design that captures the essence of all your discussions.
  3. Get the priorities like theme, cost and timeline sorted at the very beginning Look amongst different vendors and choose the ones who are apt for the job and will do justice to it. Cost effectiveness and timeliness of delivery also need to be kept in mind.

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