Using Drupal As Your CMS Platform

Using Drupal As Your CMS Platform

March 10, 2013 Most websites use WordPress or Joomla as their CMS system. On the other hand, there is abundance of CMS platforms available and Drupal is one of them. The Drupal CMS platform has plenty of business tools and this helps with easy maintenance. Drupal is an open source platform that presents you plenty of alternatives and it's really flexible allowing you to adapt, share as well as share out content with ease. Though, Drupal isn't just a CMS platform it's a SaaS - that is Service solution which is just the thing for small businesses and can even be efficiently used for larger enterprises.

Benefits of using Drupal

There are plenty of CMS platforms and a small number of them charge considerably in order to use their systems. Of course, WordPress one of the most excellent platforms is totally free as well. Drupal is totally free and there are completely no hidden fees involved. There are plenty of benefits of using a free CMS platform as there are plenty of people who'd be using them and hence there are plenty of developers ready to assist you out. Drupal has plenty of high profile clients and they only use it since it's an amazing platform. Some of the high profile clients include: The white house, Wake Forest University, FedEx and a lot more. Whenever you decide to decide a CMS platform for your business you don't just need to make certain that the platform is superior; but, at the same time you need to make sure that it's got high quality support from third party applications.

Drawbacks with Drupal

Since, it is a traditional web design platform; it involves many of the outdated features that make it uninteresting for some users. It can get integrated with some advanced technologies, but it demands additional costing for modifications as well. Unlike most of the additional CMS platforms out there that offer just a small number of frameworks and limited custom coding capabilities, Drupal permits you to showcase your brand in an attractive and interactive way about any hindrances by the CMS platform. However, not many websites are made nowadays using the Drupal CMS. These days, after the Google panda and penguin updates you need to make sure that your website is perfect for search engines. Of course, the Penguin update only focuses on back links, but there are lots of other algorithm changes that various search engines are making. Drupal is tremendously Search engine friendly and the content on your website would be displayed in a way that is effortlessly crawled by most search engines. Since, the concept of Drupal is initializing gradually again, it has become vital to bring some positive and improved stuffs to make it more effective for the users.

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