Simple Cart Js a new phase of E-commerce

Simple Cart Js a new phase of E-commerce

June 14, 2013 We all know that only a professional and trained programmer can create a website of any kind. And if, it is a case to develop an E-Commerce website then besides just creating a site you would require a whole lot of set ups and functionalities to get the website fully functional. What if, if there would be no programming hassles and no database maintenance problems? All you need to know is basic HTML. Yes, it is true. Simple Cart Js is one such shopping cart platform which is totally lightweight, fast, easy to use and absolutely customizable. And interestingly, you can create and customize it on your own. You have no need to learn a hi-end programming language. Fundamental knowledge of HTML would be sufficient. It is a free open source Java Script shopping cart platform which easily integrates with any current website. You have to simply download it and you will be ready to get into luminous world of E-commerce with your very own set-up. This Java Script based shopping cart can be set in few minutes without any technical problem that is why it is quite popular among e-store owners. Besides some common advantageous features, this amazing Shopping cart platform offers numerous benefits.  It is an extremely high performance system which boots in fraction of seconds where other E-commerce websites take approx.3-9 minutes to boot. Furthermore, you can write the content of your shopping cart yourself which means you won’t have to spend a penny on buying language packs. Also, you can choose the language to have your website in, thus you would save a-lot if you won’t purchase costly translation packs. Simple Cart Js supports wide range of currencies, thus enables you trade throughout the world. Additionally, it is associated with some giant payment gateway service providers like PayPal, Google check out and Amazon payments for easy transaction of money. Some more global payment gateway service providers are soon to be associated with it. The biggest and most popular feature of this shopping cart is its exceptionally flexible design options. You just have to add category name to existing HTML in order to create display cart information. This display would be outputted as a table with full control over language, order, styling and content. And your simple yet classy website will be ready to rule in few minutes with just 8KB. Although, Simple Cart Js is most simple and efficient shopping cart platform but it has certain limitations too. It does not mange products nor manages orders. It also does not keep a track of inventory; therefore we cannot consider it as a full proof solution. However, qualities offered by this superb shopping cart are simply matchless.

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