Opencart Extension Developer

Ecommerce websites have gained a lot of popularity in the recent times. This is generally related to the growing internet awareness. To benefit from this many retailers have also opened their online shopping portals. These portals or ecommerce websites are generally developed using open source tools. Open source tools are those tools whose source code is available for everyone to use, modify and distribute freely without paying any license fee. OpenCart is one such open source tool for developing online shopping portals.

Open cart is an open source tool for developing online ecommerce websites or shopping portals, where customers may choose to purchase any item, put it in online cart, make favorites, keep online wallet and pay to make purchases. This is done by adding extensions to the existing program. You can hire a professional opencart extension developer. They will add additional functioning well crafted to your needs. For example, Facebook connect is a type of extension which allows Facebook users to login to the portal directly.

Going into technical details this tool is used along with PHP, for front end website development. Opencart extension developer work in PHP language. In addition, the portal can be customised using CSS, HTML, and JavaScript together with PHP. This can be painfully difficult for someone who is new to programming, so hiring professional opencart extension developer to do this job is a wise choice.

Since it is open source therefore the program is updated and don’t have bugs which may arise in case the development is done from scratch. The menus and the outlook can be customized to one s free will. This highly distinguishes the look of the website but since the core of the source code remains same therefore user experiences the same kind of features and manoeuvre is easy.

Custom extensions can be added to achieve easy probability and smooth functioning of the portal. Opencart extension developer can develop any extension according to your needs.