How Umbraco Customization Is Superior Than Any Other

How Umbraco Customization Is Superior Than Any Other

January 23, 2013 Umbraco has appeared as one of the most favored content management system amongst the businesses due to its open-source licensing, no-cost, its straightforwardness, and its boundless latent. Umbraco customization serves with a fully fledged CMS which is not only straightforward to use and easy to customize but is even a robust platform that holds the capability of running sites from companies all over the world including some largest media sites.

Let us explore some of the benefits which make Umbraco, better than any other CMS:

1. Umbraco Customization at Its Best

Umbraco is particularly designed as a widespread customizable solution. This holds true as it is not like a "plug in play" solution, contrasting to all the others CMS such as Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal. Dedicated Umbraco developer offers dynamic solutions that hold the aptitude to be the just the thing solution to the users. No doubt Umbraco customization can be carried out only by technical experts but once it is prepared it generates endless potential. With the support of a dedicated Umbraco developer, a business can drive to great lengths.

2. Exclusive Tools

Umbraco covers method for some only one of its kind tools those aren’t probable with any other CMS. These tools renovate your online website into a robust and fully purposeful online podium that facilitates you to sync up with all the other environments and adjoin new functionality as well. One of the great tools that boost Umbraco customization is Concierge. This tool helps the Umbraco programmers, in keeping a track of what all is installed and what all things are in use currently. This tool is of great use to monitor action handlers in addition to the third party tools. It helps you to know what is currently working on your website.

3. Training and Support

When you subcontract your Umbraco development project to an outsource Umbraco developer you benefit different types of packages. There are numerous offshore companies having team of dedicated Umbraco developer that aid you with full training and support. The entire team stays in touch with you throughout the development process and carries out Umbraco customization as per your needs and obligations. They are even experts in Umbraco shopping cart development that can take your business to exceptional heights by increasing your online sales. The hired team of Umbraco developers remains at your services as and when you necessitate it to make sure that the development is done as per your anticipations. They present training sessions to make sure you are completely aware of all the tools and functionalities included on your online portal so that you can treasure the maximum advantages out of it.

There are some cons are also with Umbraco and that are as follows:

Performance - Umbraco is not too speedy. I've had to rely on the macro caching mechanism pretty quickly with multiple sites I created or worked on. I don't think the (API) documentation is as good as it could be. Not everything is documented and code samples are too much spread around the Umbraco site, the forum and around the entire web. The back-office of Umbraco is a bit dull and would benefit from more workflow options.

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