How to add new language in Magento store

How to add new language in Magento store

October 3, 2012 Are you looking for adding new language in your Magento store. How to add new language in magento store Follow these easy steps and enjoy your multilingual site :
  1. Go here:
  2. Select the language which you want to add
  3. Download the package and upload the files on your server. You can download the desired translation through Magento connect via admin.
  4. Once installed Go to: System -> Manage Stores -> Create store view. Enter the data and save.
  5. Now go to: Configuration -> Current Configuration Scope (Select your language from the dropdown) and on the right side under “Locale options” choose the desired language.
  6. Clear the cache.
That's it, now when you go to the frontend of the site, you’ll notice a dropdown menu allowing the language switching. Thanks for reading :)

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