Apache wont start on Xampp

Apache wont start on Xampp

November 29, 2011 Many days ago, I wrote a post for "Apache Problem in Xampp". on that article,  skype was problem, but recently I got a query: "Hi e'm trying to install xampp 1.7.7 version in my laptop which is with xp3,32 bit. after installing when i tried to run the apache or sql services it is not running and giving warning: terminating worker thread 0. i checked port 80 with xampp port checker it is showing 80 as free only. Filezilla is working fine but not the remaining two." So here is the solution for apache when skype not present. In this case you need to check port no 80 is free or not. Below is the step
  • Open Command prompt
  • Run command : netstat -a -no
  • Check all the local address which have port no 80.
  • If you find port no. 80, just note down the PID for that local address.
  • Now Run Command : tasklist
  • Check all the running program and match with written PID.
  • Open Task Manager and end process for that program ( or you can open the program and check setting, if you can check port no.)
Hope it will help you.

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